Free iRacing Setups

Free iRacing setups are built for the NASCAR iRacing Series and NASCAR iRacing Class-A Open races only (NASCAR Next Gen cars). Rarely, Xfinity Series and Camping World Truck Series setups are also created. See Discord for details.

iRacing NASCAR Cup Series car open setups for iRacing
How to Download

Updated October 17, 2022

Discord logo A free Discord account is required to download.
Visit the #downloads channel in the RacePal-dot-Live Discord server to download this setup.

About RPL Setups

I believe that the iRacing community should build, share, and enjoy open racing setups together. Setup building should be guided by sound principles, and should use telemetry, not trial and error, to produce solid results. The setup guide explains how to build setups, or troubleshoot them for tweaking.

I start with iRacing's own setups as a baseline, and then heavily modify them. In fact, it's fair to say that they're completely rebuilt by the time I'm done. Often times, I personally drive hundreds of laps with any given setup, checking telemetry data with MoTeC after each stint, make adjustments, then re-test. The end result is always a very stable, balanced, and long-run setup that could easily put you on the podium! My personal friends have won innumerable races with my setups. Top-5 and at worst Top-10 finishes are commonplace.

Many commercial setup shops are out there putting together really quality stuff. They've got teams of builders working to cover the whole gamut of iRacing series with all the different cars. I, on the other hand, have the time to build and share only very specific setups. For me it's a hobby, and one that I enjoy. I hope the community enjoys my contribution by downloading and racing these setups. I bet you can win some races with them, too!